Backpack for Laravel

A collection of packages to create custom admin panels in hours, not days.

Laravel 5 Follow System

❤️ This package helps you to add user based follow system to your model.


Laravel Auto Page

Auto load static page and generate routes for laravel.

PHP Snippets for VSCode

This extension will help you faster to make common using snippets.

Laravel Oh Generators

This package extends the core file generators that are included with Laravel 5.

Laravel Scaffold

Super fast build CRUD resource for Laravel.


Facebook insights api for laravel.

Laravel Imgur

Laravel-Imgur is super easy upload image to imgur package.

Laravel Accessible IPs

Accessible IPs for Laravel. Supported allowed ip and proxy server.


打造 Laravel 優美架構 V2

打造 Laravel 優美架構

See Laravel 5.7

Discovey Packages